WisePass Pte Ltd. is a Singaporean-based lifestyle subscription platform that grants daily privileges to its members. Entitlements include a free lunch, dinner, Starbucks coffee, bottle service and more, every single day from the highest-quality venues in the cities where WisePass is accessible. So far we are available in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila, and more to come in the near future. We are working hard to expand into new locations every quarter as well as add a new lifestyle service every second quarter.
PASS Token is our proprietary ERC20 cryptocurrency designed to facilitate the access to WisePass lifestyle membership. The PASS will not only enable its holders to use them on the WisePass platform such as receiving a 50% discount on subscriptions purchased with PASS. We plan to allow each item offered on the platform to be available to be individually purchased with our PASS token. And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve gathered commitments from a number of well-known tech CEOs to accept PASS as a payment method for their goods and services.
The token sale is an opportunity for the WisePass community and any non-accredited investors interested to have an innovative and exclusive influence in the direction of the company’s expansion plan. With the inclusion of an ICO to WisePass portfolio, the company has the ability to reliably measure which markets are most excited with what WisePass offers based on where the tokens are sold. Pre-sales offer participants the opportunity to get a bonus on their purchases for joining the sale early. Pre-sale bonuses available in the WisePass ICO reach as high as 20%.
A contribution of 1 ETH is equal to 10,000 PASS.
Unlike many other ICOs, WisePass is an established business and the tokens issued will be used to enjoy goods & services from global brands cooperating with WisePass. We have numerous partner venues across several countries and the funds raised in the sale will be mainly used to improve our current platform, develop our blockchain and cryptocurrency transactional platform, rapidly expand our operations in the region and globally, and for marketing purposes.
We have yet to see a service successfully implemented to the market that allows for cryptocurrency investors to use these earnings to seamlessly purchase tangible products and services in the real world. Using Ethereum’s blockchain technology, Wisepass will revolutionize the process of purchasing items with cryptocurrencies through the utility of PASS tokens which can purchase items to be consumed in everyday life. Also, with the digital ledger (blockchain) being immutable, we will be able to access more reliable data regarding inventory exchange with our merchant venues and can reliably store our market data, analytics and reports on-chain.
Once the sale is completed, PASS will be distributed to the rightful owners. Through our partners at COSS (Crypto-One-Stop-Solution), the facilitation of the token distribution will be wholly transparent. As an all encompassing dynamic ecosystem, COSS.io foundational design is to allow everyone to benefit and win from the cryptocurrencies. Security features include advanced and customizable 2FA security to ensure the safety of your funds, instant transactions with confirmations, and hot/cold storage.
The token supply allocated to the crowdsale is 250,000,000 PASS.
You must sign up, register and go through the KYC process through the COSS.io. Once you are registered and have a verified account then you can begin the process of transferring ETH in exchange for PASS. Click the link for a detailed walkthrough of the necessary steps: bit.ly/wisepass-coss-kyc
To participate in the private sale you must first get whitelisted and complete the KYC process on our site. The price of entry to participate in the private sale is a minimum contribution of 5 ETH. For a detailed walkthrough of how to get set up, check out the link:http://bit.ly/wisepass-privatesale-steps
The total token supply is 1,000,000,000 PASS. For the public sale there is a softcap of 12,500,000 PASS and a hardcap of 250,000,000 PASS.
As most ICOs operate on the ERC20 platform, you must have an ETH wallet for which you can transfer ETH for whichever ICO you wish to participate in. To be involved in a legitimate token sale, the typical minimum requirements include first getting whitelisted and completing KYC process. For the PASS public sale, this means signing up and registering with COSS.io
The public sale will be managed through COSS.io and they have their own internal smart contracts in place. Our partnership with COSS.io is a notable one as it is consistent with WisePass’ track record of mitigating any inconveniences for users. With COSS, all aspects of the token sale can be managed under one roof. Every functionality associated with cryptocurrencies can be presented and accessed with a single account - transaction, exchange, withdrawal, purchase, etc. is all accessible and easily completed with COSS. Therefore COSS has a very strong and sustainable ecosystem which operates on reliable and proven smart contracts.
Through our access to the COSS API - all live contributions to the crowdsale will be fed through to be displayed on our website by the start of the public sale.
Part of our Tactical Fund will be used for developing new partnerships and promoting PASS as a payment method. Also depending on how much of our Bounty allocation is used during the ICO, the remaining will be used in a secondary program aimed at fostering the adoption of PASS.